8th International Conference on Environmental Effects on Buildings and People: Actions, Influences, Interactions, Discomfort EEBPVIII hosted by: Wind Engineering Laboratory (Cracow University of Technology) and Department of Structural Mechanics (Lublin University of Technology), will take place in Cracow, Poland, October 3-5, 2018.


  • Science Committee of the Polish Association of the Civil Engineers and Technicians
  • Polish Society of Bridge Engineers
  • Civil Engineering Committee of the Cracow Branch of the Polish Academy of Science
  • General Office of Building Control
  • Chamber of Civil Engineers of Małopolska Discrict
  • Cracow University of Technology
  • Lublin University of Technology

  • International Association for Wind Engineering

  • Polish Association for Wind Engineering

  • Environmental effects on buildings and structures (wind action, snow load, ice accretion and ice load, thermal action of climatic and technological origin, effects resulting from thermal-humidity fields, wind-driven rain, etc.);
  • Combinations and interactions between environmental actions;
  • Static and dynamic analysis of structures subjected to environmental actions;
  • Wind turbines and energy harvesting from wind, waves, tides;
  • Influence of wind on people in buildings;
  • Pedestrian wind comfort;
  • Environmental acoustics;
  • Thermal influences on materials and structures;
  • Effects of fire on buildings and structures;
  • Ways of reduction of excessive environmental effects on people and buildings;
  • Changes of mechanical and physical properties of building materials and structures caused by weather influences;
  • Problems of standardization of environmental effects on buildings and people;
  • New measuring techniques of environmental effects on buildings and people;
  • Disasters caused by environmental actions;
  • CFD applications in environmental actions.