Symposium Venue

Qubus Hotel Kraków is a modern four-star hotel to be found in the immediate vicinity of the historic district of Kazimierz in Cracow. There is an easy access to a majority of the monuments of Cracow. It is situated on a bank of the Vistula River, thanks to which the stay within guarantees good rest and relaxation after busy symposium sessions.

Contact adress:

QUBUS HOTEL Kraków ****
Nadwiślańska 6, 30-527 Cracow
tel.: +48 12 374 5 183 (Edyta Szulc)


As the former capital of Poland with a history lasting over a thousand years, Cracow still remains the spiritual heart of Poland. It has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish scientific and cultural life. The intellectual environment of Cracow is created by 22 universities, nearly 20 000 academic lecturers and 190 000 students. It is a major attraction for local and international tourists and welcomes seven million visitors annually. In 1978, UNESCO added Cracow’s historic centre to the list of World Heritage Sites. To learn more about Cracow visit